Friday, December 2, 2011

Week of December 1, 2011

Great news! Jamie's surgery went well. The tumor was benign and it is all gone. Jamie may be home from the hospital this weekend. Let's all keep holding Jamie and his family in the light as he works to help his body heal. We are so very grateful!!

The dance concert is just around the corner. These pictures were taken at a rehearsal this week. Such talented dancers! There are 28 dancers, 10 techies, and 4 drummers involved in the production, which includes 8 student choreographers. The concert is at 8pm on Thursday and Friday, December 8 and 9. There is an open dress rehearsal at 7:30pm on Wednesday night. Once again, Annie Dwyer works her magic!

Dave Worden, Ivey and Carol Blackmore made a fascinating evening presentation about their work in Nicaragua. I am hoping to get them to make this presentation again for the Upper School community. If they agree, I will let you know. This is a must-see presentation.

A certain advisee group is getting into the holiday spirit. They went into the woods and retrieved a holiday tree. Above, you can see them singing holiday songs. We certainly enjoyed a festive advisee time today!

CFS Open House is this Sunday from 2-4. The Upper School program will begin in the Meeting Hall at 2:30. If you know of someone who might be interested in learning more about CFS, please send them our way on Sunday. In the meantime, enjoy a beautiful weekend.

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