Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week of September 19, 2011

I love this shot of Amelia's Portfolio artists and some of their friends at the art show opening on Friday evening at Bull City Craft in Durham. You can see some of their art on the wall to the left. If you didn't get a chance to attend the opening, their work will be on display for a month. Bull City Craft is a delightful shop. If you take the time to mosey on over, you won't be sorry.

Here is a shot of Elise's advisee group (with some visitors) celebrating a birthday. You can also see Andrew and Will at the PSA meeting. They are organizing CFS's very first blood drive, which they are hoping to host following our MLK Jr. Day celebration. In order to move forward with the blood drive, they need the names of 45 adults (or students 17 and over) who will participate in the blood drive. If you are so moved, please let me know and I will pass your name on to these enterprising young men.

Registration for the PSAT began last week. The Upper School will host the PSAT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) in the Meeting Hall on October 12th from 8-11:30am. Although the test is designed for juniors, it proves to be a good practice experience for sophomores and freshmen who have completed Geometry. This test measures critical reading, math, and writing skills. The cost is $15. Interested students may sign up with Willy.

We are thrilled to congratulate 3 of our seniors who have been named as National Merit Scholarship semifinalists: Emily Reif, Xixi Edelsbrunner, and Hannah Eichner. Over 1.5 million high school juniors took the 2021 qualifying PSAT. From that number, a pool of 16,000 semifinalists have been designated. Before they can be considered for Merit Scholarhip awards, semifinalists must qualify as finalists by completing an application and being accepted. Best of luck to Emily, Xixi, and Hannah as they move forward in this process!

An important reminder that we do have disability parking on our campus. Some parents have not been heeding these designated parking areas. Please be sensitive to our students with disabilities when you park on campus. Thank you!

According to my schedule, we have mostly away games this week. We have a home tennis match on Thursday at 3:30 and a home soccer game on Friday at 4:30. Both JV and Varsity Volleyball teams play at Trinity School on Thursday afternoon, beginning at 4:30. Trinity is only 5-10 minutes from CFS. (hint) Thanks to all of you who participated in our CFS Sports Day last week. Lots of fun!

Just a reminder that our Fall Weekend begins on September 30th. Hopefully, we will have some beautiful weather. We have planned a Curriculum Enrichment Day for Friday, October 14th. Each grade will participate in an activity that relates to its curriculum. Most of us will be off campus on this day. The freshmen will visit Cary's water treatment plant. The sophomores will be involved in community service in downtown Durham, while the juniors travel to Charlottesville, VA, to visit Monticello. Seniors will focus on college and post-CFS plans. More to come about this exciting day.


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